Unbundled Colorado Child Support Services and Forms

What are “unbundled” services?

Flexible and Affordable, unbundled services are those that are provided on a “one-off” basis and we do not represent you in the underlying case. Examples could be drafting paperwork or helping you to prepare for a hearing. Currently, we can help you draft many family law forms, including a motion to modify child support, which is based upon Colorado Form JDF 1403.

We currently have the motion form available. You simply fill out the form and the information is sent to a lawyer for a review. After we receive the information we will speak with you about the next steps. If you have a lawyer prepare the form, we will be able to guarantee that it will not be rejected because of an error in the paperwork. We are able to provide you with various unbundled services in the areas of civil practice and family law. 

Child Support Modification – JDF 1403

As mentioned above we offer a service to provide this form VERY quickly to you, and to provide you all the forms you need for your child support modification. You may also visit our page on modification of child support. You will note that not all cases will qualify for a modification. If the change would result in a less than 10% change in the current amount, for example, the court will not be able to grant your request outside of other circumstances.

The forms that the court will require at first are usually as follows (please understand that this is not legal advise at all, and it certainly isn’t specific to your case):

JDF 1104 – certificate of compliance

JDF 1111 – Sworn Financial Statement (and JDF 1111SS if applicable)

JDF 1117 – the Proposed Support Order

JDF 1403 – The actual Motion to Modify Child Support

JDF 1405 – proposed order regarding the Motion to Modify Child Support.

Note that all of these forms can be found at the Colorado Courts Website here. (That is an external link, and, unless done under our specific advise, we do not take any responsibility for your use of the forms).

We can help you fill all of these out and get them ready to file with the court. You can also call the court clerk and ask if there is a self-help clinic at your local courthouse.

Fill out the form below or call us to request the child support forms and we will be happy to help you. Please state that you are requesting assistance with unbundled child support services. We will contact you with the next steps and get you on your way to modifying the child support to the proper amount.

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