Count Court Self Help Resources

We are rolling out our county court resources, beginning with the county court answer form.

In Colorado, you can be sued for up to $15,000 in county court. The paperwork usually states how much the plaintiff is seeking. If you have been sued in county court, we recommend contacting our office. We can give you some brief advice regarding what to expect. We can also discuss whether you want to hire our firm, or whether you may want to use an option to fill out an answer, have an attorney review it, and then file it  yourself.

We have made it very simple, you enter information into a form that is sent to an attorney, where it is reviewed and sent out to you, ready to be filed. Further, we speak with you for up to 30 minutes or so to make sure you know what to do from there.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to call us. Visit our county court answer form page here.

You may or may not already know that many forms are available from the Colorado Court’s website here. (Our law firm cannot be responsible for your use of any of those forms unless it is under our direct advise. Use of this website alone does not constitute such advice.)

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